Calm Up

Many of us know this person; a friend, a neighbor, maybe a relative. Someone whom we personally appreciate and whose behavior and demeanor we wish to emulate. We do that for one main reason, coveting their personality trait – their calmness.

This person rarely raises their voice. They listen patiently during a conversation and command their personal and professional environment with cool efficiency. Their demeanor affects others, causing them to remain calm and pleasant in their presence. This person is not void of emotions; rather they don’t let those emotions overwhelm their foresight and control their behavior.

One notable benefit for the person possessing this character is an improved ability to manage. Be it a project or a team, doing that in a state of calm yields efficient progress and team members positively motivated. Operating this way allows you to be better organized provides and directs your team through a more relaxed and happy work environment.

Another great benefit of this personality is the improved ability to be creative. Being able to harvest fresh ideas from an imaginative mind requires that mind be free of obstacles and distractions. The muse is a princess that demands cleanliness, freshness, and respect for her coveted appearances. Being a calm person begins with internal peace, a lower level of stress, and a decent amount of self-control.

Being calm and keeping calm extends beyond the ability to be creative or a good manager or; it projects and affects your ability to communicate effectively. Your ability to process information and contribute to a conversation (or communicate in any form or level) becomes more constructive when you conduct it with a state of calm. You can recall things from memory quicker and more successfully, and your insight into the topic of the conversation is extended. Your presentation is more intelligent, more refined, and better received by your companions or audience. Above all, it earns you and your words greater respect.

Much like the water in a stream, your thoughts flow better when they are unblocked and uninterrupted. When mental objects clog your mind, they disturb your thoughts and ideas and lowers your ability to create and communicate. Reaching a better state of serenity requires to remove these obstacles, or at least shift them to a place where they will not be so much in your way.

Achieving this may be different for each of us. Some ways to instill that calmness change may be found in engaging in physical activity (sports, yoga, or dance), listening to or playing music, reading, writing or painting. You need to find and pursue the right hobby or pastime activity that will facilitate serenity for you. This activity will help you clear your mind and enable you to return to your routine with a quieter, less cluttered mind. You will know you are on the right track when you are able to better hear yourself, reach into the depths of your mind more effectively, and feel a healthier, more creative person. This quest will empower you, one step at the time, to become the person you wish to be.

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