Life Coaching

We often make decisions based on what we know – the vast data we have acquired to that point. Our internal world is constructed from information and emotional impressions we have accumulated over many years; acquired knowledge, experiences, successes and failures, memories. This knowledge came to us through different channels: school, books, movies, conversations, actions we were directly involved in and stories we heard from others. Any of these items may play a role when we come to make a decision.

When you turn to make an important decision, the kind that may affect the course of your life and perhaps that of others, you do that with what you have. You know yourself best. You have all the necessary information to make that decision. You, and only you will decide. No one else can make that important decision for you.

But what will you do if you don’t have the necessary information? What if you only think you have all that you need? What if you are simply not sure?

Avoiding making the decision is not an option. Deferring it will only worsen the situation. What will you do?

These are a lot of ‘what ifs’ here, and only one answer:

Add another brain to the mix.

You could seek advice from a trusted friend, a loved one, or maybe a coworker. If this option is available to you and you trust that person to give you the right support, go with it.

But what if this decision requires more information, knowledge, or experience than you possess? What if you don’t want to or cannot let others help you with this decision for reasons that their advice may be tainted with motives that are unfavorable to you? What if their motivations are influenced by factors that make their input less than best for you?

Another ‘what if’.

What if your decision requires secrecy or at least some measure of privacy, and that condition cannot be fully maintained by your point person? What if your decision is going to impact the person you turn to or someone they may know? Would you still trust them to give you unbiased support with your predicament? Will you receive advice or criticism from them? Which do you really need (or can afford) at this stage?

Is it possible to make a milestone decision when you don’t see ahead clearly? How do you avoid repeating past mistakes you (or someone you learned those from) made?

Be wise. This is not about deciding which shirt to wear or what color car to buy. This is you seeking to lift yourself up from an undesired situation; to change the path of your life. The person you will choose to turn to must to have your priorities in mind, and be experienced in how to help you achieve your goals and solutions.

That is what a life coach does.

A life coach guides you through your situational maze, and helps you facilitate a successful journey to a set goal using objectives and priorities you set. The life coach is a trained professional in methods and dynamics designed to maximize your success. The coaching conversation is intended at refining that decision process, and facilitating a clear and effective path toward your goals; extracting new ideas, seeking new directions, overcoming self-imposed limitations, and more. This is your key to a truly fresh start.

Life coaching is a term that commonly describes people who are using specific methods to help their clients change habits, trajectories, and their course of life. I am a trained and certified life coach. My practice is that of a personal catalyst. I help my clients navigate through a personal or professional change in life, and achieve a successful metamorphosis. My services are best for those who are uncomfortable with or unsure of where they stand in their personal or professional life, and are interested in finding a better state of existence.

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