My Coaching

I am a trained and certified Life Coach, holding an Associate Certified Coach credential from the International Coach Federation, the governing body for all professional coaches. I provide Life Coaching for individuals, with a concentration on personal transitions. I launched my coaching practice, Focus Coaching, in 2012. My coaching technique is rooted in more than two decades of working as a professional artist.

The interactive, creative process which I developed as an artist takes a new life in my coaching. It involves conversation, observation, and joint creative efforts to sort through the client’s life challenges, and navigate a path toward successful goals or solutions. Areas of life coaching include relationships (personal and professional), personal and spiritual professional, romance and intimacy. My sessions duration and frequency are customized for the needs of each client. The sessions may be conducted in person, if you are in the Omaha area, or by phone, Skype, or Zoom. Active clients also receive intermediate support via phone, text, or email to supplement their sessions.

There is an infinite number of channels through which issues may be dealt with in a coaching dynamic. If you are interested in life coaching for yourself or someone else, please visit my Q&A page, or contact me to set up a free consultation session. The initial consultation session will give you a chance to meet me and decide how my life coaching may benefit you. The meeting will also help me understand the range and scope of your goals and needs. This initial consultation session is offered to you free of charge.


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