Q: What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

A: Life coaching concentrates on the person’s present situation and seeks to guide them into a more desirable future. Therapy aims to correct mental-clinical issues and chronic conditions that interfere with the person’s life or physical health. For more information please read this comparison chart.


Q: I am currently seeing a therapist for personal reasons. Can I engage in coaching sessions at the same time?

A: Yes you can. Coaching and therapy can be done simultaneously, and may be supporting each other. I recommend letting your therapist know that you intend to do so.


Q: I have been in therapy before but was less than satisfied with the results. Would coaching be a better fit for me?

A: Although coaching is different from therapy, similar issues may be dealt with at both. You may give coaching a try to resolve your issues, and decide to proceed based on the results you see for yourself. It is always important to find the right coach for yourself just as is it to find the right therapist.


Q: Do you accept medical insurance?

A: At this time coaching sessions are not eligible for medical insurance coverage. Focus Coaching offers a number of payment options to suit your needs.


Q: How long does coaching take? How many sessions will I need?

A: Every person is unique, and so is their situation. Each coaching program is individually tailored to the person seeking coaching. A typical session lasts fifty minutes, and is conducted once a week. Certain circumstance may dictate more than one session per week or a longer session time. The length of the coaching program is therefore based on the issues focused on and the rate of progress achieved.


Q: Can I get coaching sessions for my significant other and me?

A: Yes you may. Couples’ coaching is common and is encouraged when the situation merits it. You could raise this question with your coach and together decide on the best course of action to take. This, of course, requires the cooperation of your significant other.


Q: Can I have coaching sessions conducted over the phone?

A: Yes. Coaching sessions may be conducted by using any effective means of communication. Many of my sessions are conducted over the phone or via Skype. Your coach will be able to present to you the best way to conduct your sessions.


Q: You are a member of ICF. What does that organization do?

A: The ICF (International Coach Federation) is the leading global organization for coaches. It gathers members of all coaching types, and is dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high standards, providing independent certification and building a worldwide network of trained coaching professionals. I am also an active member of ICF-Nebraska, the local affiliate.


If you have other questions, email them to me, and I will be happy to answer directly. If a question is of public interest, I may post it on this page with personal details removed.



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